The following Applications are using our API:

Living Earth HD
Mobile App
A stunning depiction of Earth as seen from space, Living Earth HD has live 3D simulations showing current global cloud patterns, forecasts, and even a world clock.
Weather Puppy
Mobile App
Smile every time you check the weather! Weather Puppy is a free iPhone app partnered with 16 non-profit Animal Shelters. It makes you smile by displaying the forecast with a puppy that corresponds with the condition & time of day. Better yet, you can upload your own pup to make it the Weather Puppy! Weather Kitty is coming soon.
Mobile App
See where your friends are--- whether they're around the corner or around the world. Banjo integrates all of your social networks and allows searches by places to discover things of interest. Get push notifications when a friend is nearby or when the weather is about to turn for the worse.
Chrome Extension
A beautifully designed Chrome extension that displays a 5-day forecast for your location in a super stylish and simple interface.
An excellent example of a developer using wunderground data to build a weather web pages from scratch. is an excellent resource for all things local.
Mobile App
The makers of the Weather HD suite of mobile apps have incorporated striking weather animations and graphics into their brilliantly simple apps.
Ajax Widget
RokWeather is an Ajax-powered weather module which utilizes the Yahoo or Wunderground APIs to display weather data and related information from regions all across the globe.