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By: vis0 , 10:41 AM GMT on February 27, 2016

Taz get someone to create an Addon script for this (i had a French gentleman do a rough draft script for a firefox Addon (was testing it on a blog i had ~2008)  but that HardDrive broke and the gentleman married. moved to China never heard from him again.


Posted parts of this idea on a Dr. Masters blogbyte ~1-2 years ago.


At the moment one clicks on the IGNORE button gives one a false sense of security - like todays society that ignores people and people/members disappear.


i asked that French gentleman to create a script where one can select how long the ignore lasts (no more than 2 weeks before one is reminded that person is back with this button,  im baaaaaaackkkkk and after a week it remains as oh--- yeah thats why OR yer not so bad afterall thanks 4the 2spot to remind one that this person at one point or another was on ignore)



Why have one go through re-ignoring a member?


The BooBoo Yoda reasoning::

So they learn that one should never fully ignore anyone in real life as you never know if that person might change their ways which the "ignorrer / ignoree" used to judge that person thus not like and ignore them.


Another feature exclusive to a weather site was to include a feature to recognize any REAL ALERT.



As in, what if that person you placed on ignore on a certain day was the first to notice a severe storm heading in the direction of the person that ignored them.


That person on ignore copy and pastes a NOAA or SOC alert.


Those that have that person on ignore might see the warning a minute later when another person posts the same warning, which could be the difference from heading towards a safer area in the well built home or being caught going there, not cause the one in danger does not care (sadly a form of natural selection) but because they added an artificial form of ignorance by ignoring another person. (i.e. where natural selection meets oops).


The added feature was if the Addon recognizes the alert to match the SPC alert word for word (or a sites editor could adjust it to accept a certain percentage as 90% word for word in case someone adds GET TO THE BASEMENT) as its being pasted, the Addon's auto-settings discontinues that member from being on ignore just for that copy n paste and the ignore icon BLINKS as this




or use the LOST IN SPACE (TV) Robot with wildly swinging titanium arms (for PDF readers between background colour i.e. blank and the green icon you just read by) for 24 hours.

VERY  IMPORTANT ANY warning icon blinks in a 2(or bit higher) to 1 ratio so the eyes and minds eye sees it, too steady of an alternating blink might be read as either just off or just ON as one scrolls a page.




Here the feature Taz wants::

When another member posts a reply to the ignored member those that have the ignored member on ignore causes the ignore icon in this colour    to appear instead of the ignored words, BTW this would also appear where ever the ignored person posted a comment instead of this  gives one a false sense of security - like todays society that ignores people.


After every third day for 2 weeks a specific percentage of the ignored persons text would slowly reappear ONLY IN THE comments that quote that ignored person as::


Lets say goodness forbid i placed someone whom is annoying on ignore...lets see whom do i pick...


i know!, "vis0".


vis0 posts the following::


"Its 'cause the ml-d push-pulled and the declination of the insinuation of the formation was in conflictation with the conjunction function."


Taz would see the following today with the present ignore system as to a sar2401 comment on vis0s 1st generation comment::


Quote 3,000,654 vis0:

  Its 'cause the ml-d push-pulled and the declination of the insinuation of the formation was in conflictation with the conjunction function.  


(IF SAR2401 replied, maybe this) vis0 your a gem, not because I understand but it helped radar dog as he felt sluggish yet after I showed it to radar dog and he gave it 4 poops and a tail wag.


With the grayed out style of this Addon you see this: (amount of days that pass by from whence one if first placed on ignore are in brackets, by 14th days the ignored is back with this icon   next to their comments to remind that member that this member was at one time on ignore)


click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read




click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read





click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read







click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read



On day 15th this icon im baaaaaaackkkkk  shows up for a week then turns into this   as explained above.

Now from when one sees the violet coloured icon im baaaaaaackkkkk one can place that person back on ignore.



Why all this?

Cause my fav show was cancelled and i have 30 minutes of free time on my hands, naaahh?oooo!

Its kause i kare, yeah that why?!


See one of my pet peeves as to the Internet is that its the first Technological advancement in this version of the Human race where "humans" are allowing it to determine their thought process.   

Other advancements has the ability to affect man's thought but not entirely as most recent the typing press, even years later as tabloids where created one could still have quality books/magazines written by side next to the tabloids great writings as the bible**, MAD magazine and Playboy (great articles, really!).

Its okay that new tings are invented that past generations don't understand but young generations luv.

My problem is that the Internet went from nothing to super duper fast without any CHOICE FOR regulations as to its settings in its HTML scripting.  NOTICE i posted CHOICE not forced settings but to have tick boxes on day one that the INTERNET went public where one could choose how to view the INTERNET and have those choices be humane.


One of those more humane methods is the ignore feature presented above.


Another was, kids could not use the Internet during classroom time, only during break time or after school (if there were after school education programs) and scramblers in schools only allowed emergency messages, calls from parents and 2nd in-line to parents cell phone calls. (if Apple or any company TRULY CARED OF KIDS AND LEARNING  this can easily have been added to public schools, hey they have super tough encryption technology and that is harder to create...oh as to that i was hoping to get a few friends to go to the Apple "don't break my code" protests dressed up as Hitler, Gandhi, Idi Amin & Mother Teresa and ask which of these folks would and wouldn't mind having their iphone encryptions opened IF they had iPhones...we know what happened as to "Enigma", again FBI searching not as to one personal life but serious crimes, sure FIRST Supreme court should lay down laws as to not use finding of any other misconduct be it personal or business related unless it relates directly to the crime being searched for, not just for the privacy of the public but for the usefulness of its information to withstand court appeals, lets call it the electronic investigative  eavesdropping & information obtaining  hard evidence  or   uhh...  e i e i - OHE 

...with a "da*n dam*" here, a "no no" there there and a "wha-da-fa" here...  


(yes kids i meant waterfall or as Mr Lawrence Welk would say "wandafa wandafa"  as bubbles flew everywhere, and most thought it was "wonderful wonderful")


...oh McDonald had a phone and now he's been served with an e i e i OHE!)




** (ordinal version better - more informative parables - than edition number 2 through 543...)

=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=and now! for something completely Monty=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Not counting this sentence total amount of characters BELOW is 1,527...if less stuff was cut off...,peVce being ;last word.
They are my (vis0's) theories. If on the other hand anything below is proven as factual i wonder how long it will take for IBM and universities that did not accept my applications to take credit.
That said if the ideas below help and you maker money off them PLEASE use some of the profit to help needy children in a non-sectarian manner.  Don't help people cause it makes you feel good help people cause it makes them feel good, look at me i share stuff that makes me a nut, people would tell me i'm nuts when presenting some theory over public access yet several of those theories have years later been awarded noble prizes to others whom had a similar theory, good for them and good for humanity. In the end feel good not by holding others down cause to hold others down means you have to stay :there" thus truly not raise but lower yourself.  Try lifting others up thus you will unknownly be raised higher in the eyes of the all good that encompass most of this universe.
For whatever reason every time i updated my 2 main blogs it only presented this blog as updated and in most seeing nothing new, probably thought vis0 keeps erasing what vis0 posts?
Nope here are my 2 other blogs.

  • The ml-d reset page blog is basically the diary of the ml-d as to when its resetting (have VIDs that show me walking around NYc "bending wind", by that i mean wind flows towards the portable ml-d (wearing) so its windier by 1.6 times around me* (portable ml-d). You see me walking near trees , bushes, anything that can show whether the wind/breeze is blowing near me but not areas further than ~~50 to 70 feet away. UNDERSTANDS the portable ml-d is set to around 1.5 to 1.8 times so if the NATURAL breeze is at 3 mph most will not notice that around me its at 5 mph. From my observance the breeze has to be above 8mph therefore the portable ml-d create a 13=14 mph breeze for you to notice the difference in a VIDeo

i'll continue to post treebreeze VIDs in the near future and hope to place a link here is i cannot edit this area then keep checking youtube's WxRetro or Internet Archives (username vis0) for "treebreeze"
  • The "My Zilly" blog is more a mish mosh of theories, its not meant to mean the blog is zilly (though i add humour-like comments from time to time) but the use of the word "zilly" is what those that do not think openly would say when skimming through that blog.

For instance in history some said, oh that's zilly a picture box (TV) who needs that when we have the telegraph or that's zilly going to the Moon we all know its made of cheese or that's zilly the interweb will never catch on TV already exists.
For instance if i may use up an hour of your time.
The zilly blog has hints as to what i state the biggest crime to happen to humans since Hitlers concentration camps.    This crime is happening as we speak,  you could be a victim and don't know it.    The crime uses sound to"inject" into victim loose energy that acidifies the body, overheats the brain.  This is what i state has created a 20 to 25% rise in ADD (attention disorders)  since the 1960s and the last 2 generations of thinking in the manner known as "wearing ones emotions on ones sleeves" which eventually allowed people like President Trump and certain hollywood "stars" whom are arrogant to actually mentally ill towards being aggressive, to gain so much power/notoriety.  Certain organizations that hide behind a religious title blame injections as to ADD because they use the audio hitler crime to maintain monetary order in their groups and want to make sure no one figures out what really is causing the spike in ADD.  Injection might cause ADD but at most 3 to 5% and should be studied to lower that problem but audio Hitler crimes cause 5 times more ADD.
Think of audio Hitler as a portable microwave version of the now closed haarp.
This modern crime began in the mid 19th century and several "mob" organizations (13 last count in 2014AD, sadly including a Hasidic group) use it, including certain areas of popular "religions" as Scientology , "Moonies" even localize Christian groups to control through that audio hitler punishment and getting that word out,  that if you talk negative against them you will be followed and attacked via what i call the Audio Hitler method and/or use scare tactic/extortion tactics if the victim has heard stories as to those that suffered in enclosed rooms and fell ill or felt ill (gangs test this in prison cells including NYC's Rikers. This might be  why at times you hear prisoners saying its so hot and dry (prickly heat like) in certain prison cells.  
Till i post how to control that affect in where sound is used to introduce chaotic energies throughout the human body remember its best to stay calm even if you hear repetitive sound be they loud or not, as becoming angry allows more of the attacking energy to enter the "tighter"/angry  body. Report any and every  reparative sound to city, state, federal officials and all news sources report in a calm but assertive manner.  Use passive recording devices that release no or little heat to record the repetitive sound while showing in the video that you are not generating the sounds make sure your hands are visible otherwise the noisy neighbor will say how do we know its not you making the sounds. Gangs use infrared detectors to make sure no cameras are recording them while making repetitive sounds so regular heat  emitting  video recording devices will not work as every time you turn that recorder ONE - they stop making sounds (as simple as upstairs neighbors running water to popping refrigerator fan blades to pinging steam pipes) PLUS the recorder that generates heat also generates sounds so gangs then just redirect your recorders loose energy towards you the victim.  Try using HERO cameras in a pack of cool gel NOT IN ICE OR WATER unless camera is in water proof case.  Place pen cams that record video and sound  in cooled gel or anything that camouflage the cameras heat.  To find out your cameras heat-print  go to a security store ask to see your cameras heat print via an infrared to see what the attackers see, don't mention this blog they'll think yer nuts. Just say you heard cameras heat might cause problems so you want to make sure the model you have doesn't emit the heat towards you when holding camera near eyes.
 DO NOT place things that emit sound near the bone nearer to skin areas, specially via magnets/energy outputs for more than 2 to 3 hours a day, if you can manage to do it less or never even better.  i state this closeness allows these attacks to be the most efficient in acidifying the body.  Via the audio Hitler attacks alone the gangs success rate -IF VICTIMS get yearly checkups- is below 8% as the yearly checkups will show every ~3 to 8 years a benign  or curable disease.  But if one use celll phones or ear pods in ear for more than 3 hours a day one is raising the odd IF ONE IS A VICTIM.  Even if one is not a victim of Audio Hitler one is raising the odds of developing some illness by placing mag/resonance near skull.  The closeness to the ears or foreamens of the human skull allows chaotic vibrations to enter the brains flow thus in some people open "chaotic energy windows" that then raises the odds of generating a desseaes.    
This is why i think some researches show cell phones do cause problems other researches say cells don't.   
ITS NOT  JUST the use of phones/ear pods but for how long per day and where its used.  
Some areas will lead  to  higher rate of diseases because of what is in the air as to chaotic resonance flows.
Example are power plants or central energy grids generators.   ITS NOT THE ELECTRICITY as in direct jolt or loose micro-voltage its the electric ties' hum from at specific interacting angles that in going through certain gases (as gasoline / fumes natural or man generated) turn the resonance from the hum into a more chaotic vibrational flow picked up / amplified at the sub atomic level.   People that live at the nearest/next intersection of those physical angles after the resonance picks up the added chaotic "vibe" and at angles the ground the physical dimensions as 90, 45 and 22 degrees have a higher chance (specially if the family genes include certain diseases) of developing a diseases compared to people with even more of that genetic trait only?
 It reads as crazy and again i'm not a doctor nor scientist nor human but if science wants all i post has enough information that it  can be studied.
  i did 2 reports for my HS as to 3 cancer clusters near NYC and it sadly was 99% correct when i did my theatrical measurements (triple checked) Again i'm a nut so who will listen to me but if retitred scientists looking for something to dig into to pass time test my theories you'll make important discoveries and i want not a cent just that humans become more respectful of all as in receiving a better education particularly those in public schools.
Use ear plugs when possible.
Trick to block max sounds::
 FIRST One understands ear plugs are made so that only up to a certain decibel is blocked.  DON'T do the following adjustment to foam earplugs in those "need to hear loud sounds situations" as when sleeping since you might need to hear  NOAA radio or tornado or fire sirens, your neighbor yelling BOGO sale!!! on shoes the next morning!, goodness forbid but better to be smart than careless.  
Buy cheap earplugs like the purple ones from Rite Aid pharmacies. (8 to 12 in a pack) Cut an eigth of an inch (~4 cm) evenly out of the middle of one of the foam earplugs. . Cut another earplug just in half then place that 1st 4cm piece in between the one cut in half DO NOT USE ANY GLUE it ruins the cushioning affect (rough on ear's skin) plus glue (slow viscous liquids as they dry) attracts chaotic energies.  This makes the fit tighter thus closes / tightens the pores cushion making less sound enter. i'd ONLY use this when someone else it home and one lets them know your going to super plug ears for a specific time as when on the internet reading, use a message alert program to let you know that quiet time has gone by as when its too quiet some loose track of time.  Again DO NOT GLUE anything then wear it immediately IF YOU CAN HELP it.  Wait till glues fully dry 5-7 days, DO NOT try to heat drying glues as that cause the outer shell of the drying glue to harden thus glue at its center stay moist longer even for weeks.  Its like maintaining cement moist so it heals (never really dries)  better inside out.  Why i hate fingernail polish... NO don't use it... just feel it creates  a chaotic flow thus some become addicted because its used so often not (just) to the odor but that chaotic flow the drying causes.  Same with tattoos,  sure there is art in some fingernail and tattoos but for those that use it for the pain that is each persons choice but remember its the chaotic flow as the tattoo heals and dries also becoming an addiction . Meaning of  addiction TO ME is anything that takes over at a third or more of ones conscience.   Any viscous paint drying is not as bad in the first third or even two thirds of its drying,  its the last third that really plays on ones emotions, too long to explain why.      Example lets say painting ones nails really dries fully in 3 hours.  From start to hour 1 and hour one to hour two okay but hour 2 to 3 be careful in getting into any emotional argument one is more easily to lose their cool.  Of course depending how each individuals starting point as to temper is some loose cool faster than others and some keep it inside but if honest with ones self you'll notice that sudden internal fit of anger one had.  Here is a study i wrote in the schools paper which was based on police reports made out on family quarrels.   Find out how many arguments in homes are worse 'bout  5 to 8 days (or when last third of all paint drying) AFTER the home is painted.  This is also how the full to new moon affects sugar and salt centered fluids (hemispheres of brain one saltier one sweeter /body) by the gravity changing the viscosity of the flow some are more sensitive BUT again not just full moon but the extremes as in NEW and FULL moon plus distance moon is to Earth.  Movies made it only the FULL moon cause MOVIEs are a visual format so it would not be as attractive to the sense of vision seeing a hairy man howling at a non viewable new moon, as that would look like that hairy neighbor after he accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer ... [THUD!]  ... ahhoowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
[Going off on a TANGENT WARNING]
This energy flow of the body and how certain things within that flow create negative flows is why i once wrote to NY gIANTS as to writing on their playing equipment when showing their respects for a tragedy.  The writing wish a magic marker including on sneakers ruins the body's energy flow as that ink will be wet for a 2 to 6 days  (though one thinks its dry in 6 to 12 hrs).
Anything that has a thicker viscosity than water  and dries within a month  ruins the flow of the body's energy when WORN on clothing that surrounds any part of the body (why animals at  during first baths prefer clear water or their oils that have a wet to dry  flow they are use to, not some foreign liquid.  But then to make owners happy take the discomfort oh yeah and the food off owners plate if owner shows guilt for making pet uncomfortable...well some of them do.      Now if the written words as to show respects to a national tragedy during a sporting event is on a towel no problem but on shoes, shirts, pants, hat  not good for the body's energy flow (higher the paint on the body more iron/metallic affect on flow of energy, but if one thinks the message is more important just be careful to remain "cool" as the brain will be overheating.    That changing of body's energy flow  besides overheating the brain by lowering or cutting off its cooling abilities which ruins the ability to quick think is also causing that energy flowing to go around the body/brain at different speeds.     Its like driving on the highway if all drove at 55 at  straightaways one gets to destination faster but have some ON STRAIGHTAWAYS at 20mph, others at 35mph, 75(not legal) mphs and bottlenecks are created).  Those that play sports professionally know that a quarter of a second changes the game.
[/end of TANGENT]
 The "zilly" blog also has clues to other science break through not yet thought of.  Think of it as Watson ahead of its time, lets call it SAY-WAT, son?(copyrighted, IBM not anyone connected to IBM cannot use anything i post WITHOUT my permission artistic license protected)    It will all read as weird but that is where new inventions, next level of human conspicuousness is reached not by regurgitating the same thing for 100+ years.
Still looking for a blog site that allows certain formatting to post my entire explanation as to this crime, its that 1 blog has a third of what i need another the pother third so its hard to find a free blogging site that allows the full spectrum of formatting styles i use.
*not really me but the ml-d i wear.  IF you where to only have me causing some wind affect the only wind would be after eating re re fried cold beans and onions and that could create  F0 forces BUT with the added stink it would cause people to move away in a circular pattern leading others looking from windows to believe that an F3 swirl just swept those people away, OHH the humility..too soon?!,peace

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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