Weather Maintenance

By: REGAN222 , 10:32 PM GMT on March 13, 2017

Today I added a weather web cam to keep an eye on whatever is happening. Currently it is facing South East (and the image is flipped because the camera would only mount upside down). I may face it North West as the spring gets more active because we get lots of thunderstorms from that direction. It is a 1080p IP cam that updates once per minute. The picture and color look pretty good (to me) for an industrial camera and it only took about 10 minutes to configure and about an hour to set up (the longest part was trying to get the power wire from the inside of my tool room to the outside. Regardless, it is currently working.

I also took the weather station down and cleaned out the rain gauge. It had begun to lean rather badly and so I leveled it and added a longer aluminum mast which raised it about 5 feet higher in the air.

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