Capturing The Storm

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 11:33 AM GMT on March 16, 2017

Let’s be honest, if you spend any amount of time on social media you have undoubtedly seen some really cool pictures of weather. The platform seems perfectly suited for the convergence of smartphones and weather geekdom. The most common subjects that I notice tend to be sunrise-sunset and tornadic storms. However, shelf clouds are putting in a bid for a place in the top tier too. Lightning is another fascinating weather phenomenon often photographed, but it is a b...

storms lightning weather photography

Martian Weather

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 2:04 PM GMT on March 03, 2017

I spent twelve years of my career at NASA. It never felt like a job to me. I mean, come on, I am getting paid to work at one of the most storied organizations in history doing science and technology stuff. Can you say "kid in a candy store?" I was a research meteorologist and deputy project scientist for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. Our mission was to use NASA's space-based perspective and resources to better understand a planet in our solar system,...

weather space Mars

Taking Weather To New Heights

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 12:09 PM GMT on February 23, 2017

Once a weather geek, always a weather geek. That's my story and I am sticking to it. I am reminded of this often. However, it really hit me a few months back while I was sitting in the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society's meeting at the University of Georgia. I serve as their advisor, and we were hosting a guest speaker that day.

The speaker was this fascinating guy named Chris Waggener that had been invited by one of our students. He ...

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The U.S. Navy, Weather and Climate

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 10:57 PM GMT on February 09, 2017

Think about the U.S. Navy for a moment. These brave men and women protect our freedoms and national security at all times. I have many family and close friends that have served our country on behalf of all of us, and I am thankful daily.

It is why I beamed with pride several years ago when I was asked to serve our country on a panel dealing with national security. The National Academy of Sciences was asked by the U.S. Navy to convene a panel of scientific...

climate change weather oceans navy national security

The Art of Weather Communication

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 1:52 PM GMT on February 01, 2017

Even though we are on the eve of Groundhog Day, it will not be long before much of the nation is dealing with the threat of the Spring severe weather season. Social media will light up with warnings, storm chaser pictures, and unfortunately some tragic outcomes as well. I am a Weather Geek at heart but I rarely cheer for storms because I know they can cause significant harm.

One thing that I have noticed in recent years is that our scientific and technica...

broadcast meteorology communication

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